The trend of plastic surgery in South Korea was used as a shortcut to beautify themselves permanently. Of course, this treatment is not only done by artists who frequently appeared in the drama or on the stage singing, but ordinary people could also practiced. Starting from the changing patterns of the lips, nose, chin, to the shape of the eye crease.

One of the areas in South Korea are known to have the largest plastic surgery clinic is the Gangnam area. Here all things regarding facial treatments you can find it easily. Not even a few foreign tourists who enliven these trends in order to get facial ala-ala Korean artists so. Yes .. although not all the Korean celebrity plastic surgery anyway.

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Korean plastic surgery is dangerous

However, you know that behind the plastic surgery results are promising, there are a number of things that should be the patient’s painful to go through? In fact, maybe you’ll think twice before participating that trend.

These terrible facts about him a number of Korean plastic surgery you should know!

1. Nearly 65 percent of Korean plastic surgery led to a new face

According to data from the Ministry of Health South Korea, nearly 60 percent of women in the Hallyu wave carrier state operation of the eye up to their chins. It makes the users of plastic surgery is able to show a new face despite denies plastic surgery.

2. Permanent Disability

Although plastic surgery has promised, could change the face lbih pretty and perfect, but the risk is equally great. If it fails, then it is likely to suffer paralysis or permanent disability and even death, so that the dream of having a face-style Korean artist was dispersed immediately. As a result, the trend of plastic surgery in such a way to show the stigma that in order to look beautiful, it must hurt. Well, horrified yes!

3. Face swollen in the face area even head

After undergoing plastic surgery, usually the patient will undergo a series of unusual effects. Such as the face to be big and bloated. If you’re sightseeing in South Korea, and found several women in a shopping area with a face covered in bandages, so do not be surprised especially surprised. Therefore, the view was often occurs and is not something foreign in South Korea.

4. Plastic surgery costs more

For the people of Korea, plastic surgery trends are known to require more cost, even the cost of the recovery and routine control for a year can spend a budget of tens of millions. Due to the high cost, they prefer the fake plastic surgery who are at risk at an affordable price records.

5. Provide an adverse impact on a person’s psychological state

Not just physically, if plastic surgery fails and causes physical form gets worse, it could have an impact on a person’s psychological condition. This is caused by the inability to accept failure that contrary to previous expectations. If you have this, are you sure you still want to join in the trend of plastic surgery? As much as possible do not deh!

Instead of choosing a risky shortcut large, costly, and di- bully friends because face changed, better treatment and a healthy natural face. Therefore, how to care for the face is good and right will make you more beautiful and does not need to undergo addiction to plastic surgery equipment.

Anyway, to make the face look perfect proportions and beautiful, you can outsmart by a variety of beauty treatments safer. Such as harnesses the power of product April Skin that if applied daily to the face before the move outside, it is not impossible you’re going to like idol korea cute and pretty.

17 Benefits of Strawberry For Health and Beauty

Who does not know with strawberries? shaped red fruit and small is indeed very easy to find in the market, even the price is not too expensive. Strawberry has a unique flavor that is acids semen so no wonder if many people become addicted and do not want to stop when eating fruit this one. Well behind it tastes good and it turns refreshing strawberry fruit has many benefits ranging from the healthy eye, whiten teeth until he could prevent stroke.
Strawberry benefits for health and beauty
Do not believe ? Let us refer to just more below about what the hell the other great benefits of this one tiny fruit for health and beauty.

Strawberry Benefits For Health and Beauty

1. Brighten the skin
If your skin is dull, it happened because of the buildup of dead skin cells. To overcome this, you can use strawberries.
Way too simple just to prepare fresh strawberries and then puree in blender with a little honey added. After a smooth, make a mask and apply to all parts of your face evenly. Give a little massage gently so that the dead skin cells that accumulate on your face can be lifted. Then let sit for 25 minutes or until the mask is dry, then rinse with cold water until clean.
2. As a facial scrub
Strawberry fruit can also be used as a scrub on the face so it is good to make the skin look clean and smooth. The trick grab strawberry fruit has been cooked, then cut into two. After that rub on the skin around the face to the neck. Let stand for 15-20 minutes to allow the juice permeate the pores of the skin. then wash with cold water until clean.
3. As a foot scrub
Not only as a scrub on face, strawberry also can be used as a scrub for the skin of the feet cracked. The first step you should do is mash a few ripe strawberry and then mix it with a little glycerin and wheat. After that, the first soak feet in warm water about 10-15 minutes. After that, dry, then apply a mixture of strawberry was on the skin cracked feet.
4. Eliminate Acne
Vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), salsilat acid, and flavonoids contained in strawberries able to clear up acne and reduce excess oil on the face. It is a natural ingredient to eliminate acne and oily skin.
5. Eliminate swelling below the eye
Swelling of the area under the eyes is very disturbing especially for women make less confident. To eliminate it, you can use strawberries as a natural ingredient that is very practical and effective. First, prepare a fresh strawberry fruit, split into two. Then the two pieces are placed in the eye as he screwed let stand for 15 minutes. Perform routine until crusting in the eye is not visible.
6. Healthy eyes
Strawberry also be relied upon to nourish the eye. Enough consumption of fruit this one every day then your eye health will remain intact. In addition, we also can avoid free radicals.

7. Keeping the immune system
Indeed many benefits of vitamin C to the body, one of which keep the immune system and lowers blood pressure. In strawberries also contained vitamin C, if we eat a cup of strawberry juice then 136% of vitamin C has been entered in the body. It is very effective to keep your immune system.
8. Maintain heart
High in fiber, folate and antioxidants, low in fat and vitamin B are all present in strawberries. All compounds that can strengthen the heart muscle so that the heart can work well and normal. In addition these compounds may also reduce cholesterol.
9. Keeping the brain function
Increasingly with age, weakened well as the work of all organs in the body. Such as the weakening of brain and nerve tissue. If the brain and nerve tissue is not working properly, it can interfere with brain function. Vitamin C and phytochemicals in strawberries is known to maintain and improve your brain function. in addition, the iodine content in strawberries also keep the brain and nervous system function.
10. Lose weight naturally
Strawberry is a fruit that is believed to reduce weight naturally. this is because the strawberry including fruits are low in calories so it is good for someone who is on a diet. You do this simply by making strawberry juice.
11. Good for pregnant women
Strawberry is very good if consumed by pregnant mothers. Because folic acid content contained in strawberry fruit is very necessary for pregnant women to help brain development in infants who are in the womb. In addition, folic acid is also good for preventing birth defects in the condition.
12. Ability to maintain healthy skin
In strawberries contain many nutrients needed by the body of one of ellagic acid works to prevent skin cancer and healthy and can ward off free radicals and prevent skin damage caused by exposure to sunlight / UV rays.
13. Preventing blood shortage
If you are anemic or so-called anemia, try to eat strawberry. Because the iron content in it is very good for you who are anemic.
14. Healthy bone
Because it contains manganese, potassium, and vitamin C, strawberries can help to maintain bone density so that the bones will be stronger and healthier. Eat strawberry regularly so you avoid bone loss.
15. Strengthen memory
Many experts who have researched that mengonsusmsi strawberries can strengthen memory, improve concentration and the ability of the brain to process information. Besides strawberries also prevent brain defects in babies in the womb.
16. Prevent the growth of mold
Other substances contained in the strawberry namely minerals such as copper, magnesium and manganese. Such compounds can inhibit the growth of fungal scalp you.
17. Overcoming stroke
Antioxidant quercetin, kaempferol, and anthocyanins have been shown to reduce blood clotting that can make a stroke. Potassium is found in strawberries also believed to reduce the risk of cancer.
That’s some of the benefits for health and beauty strawberry . How, still do not like the fruit of this one? I think after reading the above benefits you will be like to eat strawberries.

The Beverage of Iced Green Tea Starbucks

Iced Green Tea Starbucks

Everyone is heard about matcha tea since matcha is really popular right now. Matcha is a famous green tea and many people use this ingredient for beverage and also food in everywhere. Matcha tea or green tea is an immune-boosting and calming powder that can work for your body, as many people said. Maybe you have even heard of iced green tea Starbucks that many people ordered and becoming one of the most popular menus there. This menu contains with high level of antioxidants. Since matcha is green tea powder, it means that you can say matcha as green tea.

The iced green tea Starbucks made from the tea of Teavana Jade Citrus Mint. This ingredient is lemony and minty which is very interesting to be tasted. It has less caffeine than the black tea. You can find that many people nowadays talk about the benefit of green tea. It has been proven as helpful substance to give the meditation, relaxation, and also the essential nutrients and vitamins. It contains with amino acid L-theanine from the leaves as the main substance in green tea. Also, it offers protein, A and C vitamins, calcium, and potassium. Those nutrients create a strong immune system to fight off the sickness so you will be able to heal the wounds.

Need more informations about green tea shot recipe ?

The benefit of iced green tea Starbucks is impressive. It is worth for everyone whose want to taste this product to kick off their habit in consuming much coffee. With this green tea, switching the coffee habit is easy. It has less caffeine that can help you in switch from coffee addict to the healthier green tea consumer. This green tea menu does not need sugar on it according to the traditional green tea making process. Since Starbucks offer this menu, then you can catch it easily.

Eating Chocolate – Good Or Bad For Health

Eating Chocolate

Everyone loves eating chocolates. The flavour of chocolate draws in individuals every age bracket. Everyone loves eating chocolates in numerous forms. However, an issue always is available in mind of individuals, “Whether eating chocolate will work for health?” The solution to this isn’t very easy. The results of chocolate on health vary based on the kind of chocolate being eaten. Particular kinds might be good for an individual, whereas in the same reason for time, another variant might have negative effects on health.

Positive Health Advantages of Eating Chocolate

Chocolate in the original form is advantageous for health, however it tastes bitter. However, during preparation (commercial manufacturing) process, chocolate is given various things to supply a different taste. Chocolate lowers the cholesterol level in body, thus supplying several advantages to circulatory system. Chocolates benefits our circulatory system by reduction of bloodstream pressure, assisting dilation, and lowering chance of infraction. Chocolates is wealthy in antioxidants, therefore it allows us to in eliminating toxins within our body.

Aside from other benefits, chocolate is also referred to as anticancer, brain stimulator, and cough preventer element.

Unwanted Effects of Overeating Chocolate

Chocolate is definitely an energy wealthy food. Therefore eating a sizable volume of chocolate can lead to weight problems that further causes several problems. Some variants of Chocolates which are full of saturated fats can increase cholesterol level resulting in heart disease. Mimbar masjid As well as that sugar wealthy variants of chocolates might also result diabetes.

For individuals struggling with some illnesses chocolate works as instant energy source helping them in quick healing of disease. The body needs various Minerals and vitamins. Chocolates consists of essential vitamins like vit a, B1, D & E together with essential minerals (like iron, potassium and magnesium) needed for correct growth and functioning of body.

In conclusion, bad or good results of eating chocolate is dependent upon the person variants of chocolate. Eating organic chocolates will work for health. Which means, you could have dark chocolates and drinks according to raw chocolate with no worry. However, it’s usually easier to avoid chocolates wealthy in sugar or excess fat.

Normal Pupil Reaction

Normal Pupil Reaction – When referring an individual quickly to ophthalmology you are most likely to be inquired about student responses, it is really useful details in choosing the most likely medical diagnosis and consequently necessity of review.

Normal pupil reaction
Normal pupil reaction

The regular student dimension in grownups differs from 2 to 4 mm in size in intense light to 4 to 8 mm in the dark. Both students tighten when the eye is concentrated on a close to things (accommodative response). The student is irregular if it falls short to expand to the dark or falls short to tighten to light or holiday accommodation.

The prominent phrase PERRLA– students equivalent, rounded, and responsive to light and holiday accommodation– is a practical however insufficient summary of pupillomotor feature. It particularly leaves out vital professional information such as the real shapes and size of each student, the speed and level of pupillary constraint, and the outcomes of identifying a sensory pupillary issue.

There are 3 components to effectively taking a look at students

Look for student dimension in light and dark (searching for distinction in dimension: anisocoria).
Look for a response to light in each eye.
Look for a Relative Afferent Normal Pupil Reaction Defect (RAPD).
Have the person consider a remote things.
Take a look at dimension, form and balance of students.
Beam a light right into each eye and observe constraint of student.
Blink a light on one student and view it acquire quickly.
Blink the light once again and enjoy the other student constrict (consensual response).
Repeat this treatment on the contrary eye.
A regular student exam could be recorded as being PERL and NO RAPD. This shorthand mentions that the students are equivalent and responsive to light, which there is no Relative Afferent Normal Pupil Size.

Exactly how do I in fact evaluate these effectively?

I ask to individual to deal with distant, after that i check the students are equivalent in dimension, and once again with the lights off. With the lights still off I check each eye has a straight response to light. I do a turning light examination to check there is no RAPD.

Currently allows wrap-up with a bit a lot more description.

To stay clear of the close to response where the eyes merge, suit and the students restrict, ask the person to deal with on an item in the range.

You must check the students are equivalent in both light and dark or you might miss out on an unusually little student such as is seen in horner’s disorder. For extra on unequal students enjoy the video clip entitled anisocoria.

When checking out the student responses, having the person at night with range addiction makes the students as huge as feasible and makes the student responses less complicated to see.

When you radiate the light at the student, see the exact same student for a fast restriction, adhered to by a mild leisure.

There is no have to seek a consensual response right here as both eyes have actually shown a straight response suggesting an undamaged sensory path from eye to mind, and efferent path from mind to student. There is additionally no have to look for a response to lodging unless the students cannot reply to light.

The turning light examination to check for a family member sensory student flaw or RAPD. This is a relative examination of both optic nerves, and could find problems such as optic neuritis or optic nerve compression where the nerve is working, yet inadequately when as compared to the opposite side.

Radiate the light at the very first eye, the student will certainly tighten and after that loosen up a little, currently turn the light resource, swiftly and straight, to the various other eye. Make certain you hold the light on each eye for 2 to 3 secs to enable each student to initial constrict after that kick back prior to you turn the light to the various other eye.

Your light has to be intense to dependably identify an RAPD, a conventional straight ophthalmoscope or pen lantern could not be intense sufficient.

OK, you have actually currently taken a look at these regular students.

Students are refined, moderate anisocoria (unequal in dimension) on its own and not always an irregular searchings for.
Student dimension is 3-5 mm in size.
They respond quickly to light.
Both students tighten consensually.
Distinction in student dimensions is labelled anisocoria.

Based upon medical searchings for, it could be separated right into 3 groups.

Is an extraordinarily big student. This is noticeable in typical lights however much less so with the lights off, due to the fact that the various other regular student dilates.

Following is an extraordinarily little student. This could not show up in regular illumination, however with the lights off ends up being apparent because of expansion of the typical student.

Is student aysmmetry up to 2mm that does not transform in light and dark. Both students transform dimension, however the loved one distinction continues to be the exact same.

Back to the unusually huge student labelled a mydriasis. The free nerve system regulates student motion, with constraint provided by the parasympathetic fibers which take a trip with the 3rd cranial nerve. Loss of the parasympathetic signal triggers the student to expand.

Look, as a result, for diplopia or ptosis to recommend a 3rd nerve palsy. This could be triggered by berry aneurysm pressing the 3rd nerve, which could come with and periodically come before subarachnoid haemorrhage. Below the influenced right eye is expanded, down and out, with a ptosis.

A dilated student without ptosis or diplopia is not likely to emerge from a 3rd nerve palsy. See the video clip on 3rd nerve palsy.

Adies student is assumed to be a postviral denervation of the student sphincter and is usual in young females. Slit light evaluation might disclose segmental paralysis and flattening of the student boundary, providing increase to a student with an uneven form.

Adie’s student is verified by screening with water down pilocarpine 0.125% eyedrops which reveals constraint within 20 mins, yet this denervation supersensitivity generally takes some weeks to establish after start of the adies student.

Althought a tonic student is commonly idiopathic, they could emerge in diabetic issues, gigantic cell arteritis and syphilis where they are generally reciprocal, tiny and labelled argyll-robertson students.

Blunt injury to the eye could tear the student sphincter and create a completely expanded student, medically comparable in look to an adie’s student. Previous eye surgical procedure might additionally have actually harmed the student.

Intense glaucoma includes a set mid-dilated student with eyebrow pains, obscured vision and nausea or vomiting or vomitting. The cornea is hazy on slit-lamp assessment, with an extremely high intraocular stress.

Atropine could expand a student for up to 2 weeks. They offer with a dilated student, obscured vision and small photophobia. The student is extensively expanded, and does not react to pilocarpine 1%, however fixes over numerous days.

Currently to the extraordinarily little student. Free control of student expansion is by the oculosympathetic path. Damages along this path is called a horner’s disorder and showcases a little student or meiosis, small ptosis and loss of sweating or anhidrosis on one side of the face.

Various other reasons for a little student are present or previous iritis and present or previous use pilocarpine eye declines.

Some bottom lines once again.

Anisocoria could occur because of a sore hindering the efferent thoughtful or parasympathetic path to the eye, or because of variables within the eye itself.

The students must be analyzed in both light and dark, with range addiction.

Inquire about eye injury or surgical procedure, use eye declines, and horticulture.

With a dilated student, look for ptosis, diplopia, and response to thin down and 1% pilocarpine. Verify horners disorder with apraclonidine and check out additional quickly.