5 Most Expensive Cars In The World

When discussing about the Automotive world must be endless, especially Cars. At every turn of the year always appear Car baaru or the latest model presented to consumers. Even for hypercar cars and supercars are also not left behind in presenting the latest model.

Generally Hypercar and supercar car has a price that is exorbitant and somewhat the most expensive than other classes such as MPV or SUV. This time autogaya will provide information about the most expensive car in the world that can be used as knowledge for you.
The most expensive car In the world
Aston Martin MA-RB 001

In the first position The most expensive car in the world is a product issued by renowned manufacturer aston Martin namely MA-RB 001. For the development of the car is done with Red Bull racing. The machine used in the luxury car that is V12 and its production only amounts to 100-150 units only in the World. For the price of Aston Martin MA-RB 001 offered USD 3.9 million.

Lykan Hypersport

This car can be an option for someone who is a billionaire. Please note bwa Lykan Hypersport is a supersport car whose production is done by W Motor from Middle East country. Power that can be generated to reach 780 hp. In addition, the most expensive car also has an unusual design, coupled with the main headlights adorned with 220 gems that make Lykan Hypersport price reached USD 3.4 million.

Pagani Huayra BC

This car has a very attractive design with an aerodynamic look. For production only amounted to 20 units only. When looking at Pagani Huayra BC Car first time will be directly captivated by the form of the most expensive car. For power generated to reach 730 hp and able to travel 0-96 km / h in a period of 3.3 seconds. As for the speed tertingginaya reach 370 km / hour. For the price problem Pagani Huayra BC also spelled mhal ie USD 2.8 million.Pagani Huayra BC 2017

Bugatti Chiron

For one of the most expensive cars in the world this production only amounts to 500 units only dam 5 years. So every year only produced 100 units whose sales spread to the world. Bugatti Chiron engine has a gahar and ferocious power that is a 16-cylinder engine that has a capacity of 8,000 cc. for the price of Bugatti Chiron is also very expensive ie USD 2.7 million.

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Koenigsegg Regera

This car has a very distinctive design with Koenigsegg. It also has a very powerful engine capability. Namely by using a twin turbo V8 engine that can go as far as 400 km / h in just 20 seconds. For the price of Koenigsegg Regera dibandrol USD 1.9 million.